Yasmin Chaudhary

Yasmin Chaudhary

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Mating systems in wildlife

Different Types of Mating Systems in Wildlife

Reproduction is the biological process by which new individual “offspring” areproduced from their “parent” or parents. Whereas mating is the pairing of opposite sex for sexual reproduction. Due to a different kind of species, mating is between two individuals of…

Globally used coordinate system

Different Globally Used Coordinate Systems

Every spatial object in this earth need to be geo-referenced. It is the process of giving or assigning real world co-ordinate system to the object. Geospatial data should be geographically referenced (called georeferenced or geocoded) in a common co-ordinate system.…

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PCR & Molecular Marker

PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) is an exponentially progressing synthesis of the defined target DNA sequences in vitro. PCR is an in-vitro technique for rapidly synthesizing large quantities of a given DNA segment that involves separating the DNA into its two…

Importance of forest certification

Importance of Forest Certification

Forest Certification is the process by which the performances of on-the-ground forestry operations are assessed against a predetermined set of standards. It is a mechanism for forest monitoring, tracing, and labeling timber, wood, and pulp products and non-timber forests products…

Types of Speciation

Types of Speciation

A species is a group of organisms that can mate with one another to producefertile off-springs. If individuals cannot mate with each other then they are of different species. Speciation is the process where a species diverges into two or…

Threats and loss of biodiversity

Threats and loss of biodiversity

There are several threats(eg intensive mechanization, commercialization, and siltation, etc) to biodiversity among them deforestation, the introduction and expansion of alien and invasive species, climate change is the major one. Since the industrial revolution, human activities have increasingly destroyed and…


Sub-Watershed and Its Prioritization

A watershed is an area of land from which all the water drains to a common point into a stream, a channel, a lake, a reservoir, or other body of water. A small watershed of a few hectares that drains…