Importance of GIS: How it Helps in Forestry

GIS is an integrated system of computer hardware, software, and trained personnel linking topographic, demographic, utility, facility, image and other resource data is geographically referenced.


The major functions of GIS comprise:

  1. Mapping
  2. Managing spatially referenced data
  3. Design and planning
  4. Modeling decisions

GIS answers the following parameters.

1. Locations

  • Let us take an example, Habitat Mapping of Schima wallichi in the Hilly region of Nepal.
  • what is at the given location?
  • where is a specific item located?
  • Which is the best location?
  • Why is this location suitable or not suitable?

2. Trends

  • Let us take an example, Land use change mapping of Kathmandu valley.
  • What has changed since…..?
  • What was the origin like?
  • What is the influence of change?

3. Patterns

  • Let us take an example, How the population of the Royal Bengal tiger is distributed in Nepal.
  • What spatial pattern exists?
  • What was history compared to the present?
  • What is the distribution looks like?

4. Network

  • Let us take an example, Trail construction from Pokhara to Ghandruk for tourists.
  • How to get to….?
  • Where to get to?
  • Comparison of the network?

5. Modeling

  • Let us take an example, Prediction of terai forest in next 10 years if forest fire continues.
  • How would it happen?
  • What should be present action?
  • What would the future look like?

6. Decision

  • Let us take an example, A forestry-based project for the livelihood enhancement of locals.
  • What should one do if..?
  • What is best to do?
  • How to solve the issue?
  • Which one is better?

Hi, Im chetana khadka from Bardiya. Having always been in close proximity to Nature I have so much enthusiasm to learn and explore my career in Forestry. As a Forestry undergraduate, I realized that even a tiny creature in nature has immense importance in the ecosystem. Really everything is connected to everything and there's nothing like waste in nature. So value yourself, you are also a immense part of nature and leave your conservation footprint before you vanish in it.

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