NTFPs Inventory: Why & How to Conduct

NTFPs Inventory is the preparation of a detailed list of all NTFPs in the forest stock. It is one of the crucial tools for sustainable NTFP management.

WHY – NTFPs Inventory?

  • It is a legal requirement for managerial decision making, guide the harvesting, and wise utilization.
  • For sustainability of NTFPs
  • Feasibility study
  • Monitoring Biodiversity
  • For effective forest management plan
  • Sustainable harvesting of NTFPs
  • To encourage sustained NTFP-based enterprises.

HOW- NTFPs Inventory?

NTFPs inventory is done gradually. It follows the following stages:

1. Participating in resource mapping.

  • Discussion among the users regarding the distribution of NTFPs
  • Delineation of potential NTFPs areas.
  • Repetition of the above procedure with other groups for cross-checks
  • Undertake the forest walk, observe the NTFP distribution, verify and correct the boundary
  • Final delineation of the different blocks of NTFPs.

2. Area calculation of Forest.

  • GPS/Compass Survey
  • Topo map
  • Already available forest maps

3. Forest stratification

Forest stratification is done based on:

  • Topographical features
  • NTFP category
  • Density classes
  • Biomass classes
  • Age classes etc.

4. Sampling Method

  • Random sampling
  • Systematic Sampling
  • Stratified systematic sampling

5. Shape of Sample plots

  • Circular
  • Square
  • Rectangular

6. Plot distribution in different strata measurements in the field.

Sample plots will be taken in different strata and measurement of NTFPs will be done.

For the measurement techniques and stock estimation of NTFPs, You can follow the NTFP inventory guideline 2068 of Nepal in the below link.



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