Scope, Importance and Issues of Tourism in Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful landlocked country that is filled with variety of culture, richness in natural flora and fauna, mountains and many other rivers and lakes. Nepal is considered as one of the major tourist destination in the world.

Also, tourism contributes to more than 10% of the nation’s economy which can be further increased if Nepal can be further promoted as a tourist destination with more rage and managed properly.

Scope of tourism in Nepal

Here are some of the important scope of tourism in nepal:

  • Local Economy
  • Infrastructure and superstructure in the area
  • Job opportunities
  • Market of local products
  • Develop culture, its reorganization
  • Establish the setting as a popular tourist destination
  • Increase government and other related organizations attention(plan/ program focused on tourism sector)
  • Tools for bio diversity conservation, poverty reduction, ultimately development of nation

Importance of tourism in Nepal

Here are some well known importance and advantages of promoting Nepal as a tourist destination:

  • Source of foreign currency
  • Income and employment opportunities
  • Improvement in life standard
  • Conservation of natural & cultural heritages
  • Promotion of traditional skill & knowledge and many more

Issues of Tourism in Nepal

Although, tourism has a lot of scope and importance in a country like Nepal, we still have a lot of issues that needs to be solved:

  • Temporal and spatial concentration
  • Forest degradation
  • Pollution
  • May deterioration of culture
  • Unbalanced Income distribution
  • Image deterioration
  • High leakage
  • Lowest expenditure
  • Illegal foreign exchange
  • One international airport
  • Unfair competition
  • Unscientific data recording
  • Lack of awareness
  • Poor co-ordination between government and private sector and also among different departments of government
  • Poor marketing

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