Types/ Classification of Tourism

Tourism was only restricted to certain people in the past. But, now with the development of infrastructures, has helped to spread atechnology around the world.

Now tourism is not only the privilege of the rich and wealthy but also normal people middle class people. It has been possible with the development of technology that everyone has access to travel if they wish to.

Also, with the development of jet travel, communication, new technology, tourism, and tourism has became one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing industry.

Travel and tourism also has emerged as a dominant economic force on the global scene. It now accounts for almost 15% of world’s total trade and is growing at a rapid Pace.

Types/ Categories of Tourism

Tourism can be categorized into various forms but is usually is categorized on the following basis:

On the basis of destination

Tourism is classified into tow types on the basis of destination namely: International and domestic tourism. International Tourism is further classified as Outbound Tourism and Inbound Tourism.

International Tourism:

Travel or tourism in which one person visits a foreign country living his residence either permanently or temporarily is called International tourism. In order to travel to a foreign country, one must follow a certain set of rules and laws.

For example, when travelling to another foreign country, tourist must have a valid id passport, visa, health documents, foreign exchange, etc.

International tourism is further classified into two types: Inbound Tourism and Outbound Tourism.

Inbound Tourism

When tourists of outside origin enter a particular country, it is called Inbound tourism. When people travel outside their host/native country to another country, then it is called inbound tourism for that country where he/she is traveling. For example when a tourist from Nepali origin travels to Japan then it is  Inbound tourism for Japan because foreign tourist comes to Japan.

Outbound Tourism

When a tourist/ traveler travels from their origin of the country to another country, it is called Outbound tourism. For example, when a tourist from Nepal travels to Japan then it is outbound tourism for Nepal and Inbound tourism for Japan.

Domestic Tourism

Tourism activities done within a residing country by its residents are called domestic tourism. This is an easy form of tourism where a tourist doesn’t have to have any legal requirements to travel. He/she can travel or visit any place within the country whenever they want.

Also, in domestic tourism, the tourist doesn’t have to face problems that he/she has to face when they are visiting a foreign country. International tourists usually have to face the problems of Language barrier, monetary exchange, and understanding rules and regulations, etc.

On the basis of Size

On the basis of size, tourism is divided into the following three types:

Mass tourism:

Mass tourism is when, a large group of people move together for a visit or travel. These types of tourism or travel are generally conducted by institutions, colleges, etc. for different purposes.

Controlled Tourism:

This is another type of tourism on the basis of size in which their area limited a number of individuals traveling to different parts. This type of tourism is mainly when a family or a group of close friends travels.

This, controlled type of tourism is what happens most because people mainly like to travel in a small group.

Elite Tourism/ Tourist:

This is another form or type of tourism where there is only one individual who travels through different parts, be it domestic or international. These type of tourists have an individual mindset and can be considered powerful mentally.


On the basis of Purpose

On the basis of purpose, there are different types of tourism and the list is extensive. Here are some of the popular types of tourism on the basis of purpose:

Tourism for Visiting Friends and Family

This is one of the major reasons why most people travel to different places during their free/ leisure time.  constitutes the act of traveling to home or friends and family or to a place of mutual convenience. VFR is particularly popular in areas that have been subjected to high immigration such as Pakistan, Mexico, and Poland.

Adventure Tourism

Adventure tourism is another type of tourism that involves experiencing your destination through physically participating in activities. This can involve a variety of actions such as; hiking, snorkeling, sky diving, and much more.

It mainly appeals to those seeking adrenaline and thrill. It involves removing oneself from the everyday routine and inserting into something unfamiliar. Adventure tourism locations are often referred to as ¨bucket list¨ destinations.

Medical Tourism

The process of traveling to different nations or parts of the same nation for the purpose of receiving medical care is called medical tourism. It is now in a growing trend.

People from developing countries tend to move to developed or better countries in order to receive the medical facilities that are not available in their residence.

Virtual Tourism

With the development of new technology, this type of tourism is getting more traction. Basically, virtual tourism is the act of using technology to simulate traveling experiences and their features.

Although virtual tourism will not replace physical visits or visits to destination, it has seen a lot of traction since the ongoing corona pandemic.

It has also been used as a marketing tool by different agencies to enhance the user experience.

Village Tourism

Village Tourism is the process of participating in a village/ rural lifestyle without disturbing the natural environment. This type of tour gives you the chance to explore the real villages unlike having spent a short time in different villages on the trek.

You have the chance to eat the traditional local food prepared in the neat and clean kitchen, which are delicious and are hygienic.

Urban Tourism

Urban tourism is a type of tourism activity that takes place in an urban space with its inherent attributes characterized by a non-agricultural-based economy such as administration, manufacturing, trade, and services and by being nodal points of transport. Urban/city destinations offer a broad and heterogeneous range of cultural, architectural, technological, social, and natural experiences and products for leisure and business.


Agritourism is another type of tourism where a tourist or a traveler involves in any agriculturally based operation or activity that brings him/ her to a farm or an agricultural land in different places.

Business Tourism

Business tourism is the provision of facilities and services to the millions of delegates who annually attend meetings, congresses, exhibitions, business events, incentive travel and corporate hospitality.

And there are many more types of tourism on the basis of purpose of travel or visit, some more types are listed below:

  • Geo-tourism
  • Wildlife tourism
  • Water tourism
  • Recreational tourism
  • Religious tourism
  • Sex tourism
  • Space tourism
  • Wellness tourism
  • Educational tourism
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